About Paul

A native of Monongahela, PA, a small town 30 miles south of Pittsburgh, Paul currently resides in Salt
Lake City, Utah with his wife of
37 years, Evelyn. They have 3 children.

Paul started his music career in the US Air Force Band in Omaha, Nebraska in 1965. After completing
his time in the Air Force, he packed up and headed to Boston where he enrolled in the prestigious
Berklee College of Music. During his school years, Paul played bass trombone with the Berklee
Recording Band under the direction of Herb Pomeroy (which recorded an album every semester), and
Dues Band under the direction of Phil Wilson. During his time in Boston, Paul had the opportunity to
work with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including touring with the Glenn Miller
Orchestra under the direction of Buddy DeFranco both as vocalist and trombonist, the Dorsey
Brother's Orchestra under the direction of Lee Castle, and many others. He has backed entertainers
including Tony Bennett, Lou Rawls, The Pointer Sisters, Andy Williams, Johnny Mathis, and Bob
Hope, just to name a few. After moving to California in 1975, he was a frequent sub for bass
trombonist Kenny Shroyer on the Bill Holman Band.

Paul moved to Utah in 1976. Since that time, he has worked with many famous entertainers. He has
not only worked as a trombonist and euphonium player, but is a busy vocalist as well, working with a
jazz trio. Paul enjoys writing and arranging for many different ensembles. In addition to forming The
Top Brass Quintet in 1992, he is playing and arranging for a newly formed Tuba Quartet called
"Basses Loaded".
On tour with
Tony Bennett
Featured Vocalist with
Phil Wilson's Band at
Berklee College of Music
at Boston